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Problem Connecting to Informix using ADO.NET

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I am having problem conecting to Informix using ADO.NET.

The problem is that it raises an exception after reading the data(at EOF) & the exception raised is:


_COMPlusExceptionCode -532459699

_className null

_xcode -532459699

_Message "X"

_Source "Ifxoledbc"

_HResult -2147467259

I have installed Informix Client SDK tool & the connection string is:

"Provider=ifxoledbc;Data Source=sysmaster.informix.todaysummary.com.Sonoco_InformixDB"

Can anyone help in this regard.

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    • Can you make sure you installed the latest CSDK, 2.81?

      It has lots of ADO features in it.

      #1; Tue, 11 Dec 2007 19:08:00 GMT
    • Sorry I had mentioned the wrong Client installation tool. Actually, I have installed Informix Connect tool (OleDB Provider V2.5). Can't I solve this problem with this tool itself?
      #2; Tue, 11 Dec 2007 19:09:00 GMT